School Captains

are elected during Term 4. The election is by democratic method with voting powers available to Year 4 and 5 students. Students from Year 5 may nominate students for Captain. The boy and girl who receive the highest number of votes are duly elected. The two students with the next highest votes are elected as Prefects; this need not necessarily be a boy and a girl.

2017 Captains   Taj Boardman & Lilika Yamada

2017 Prefects    Isaac Clark & Layla Hadlow


representatives are elected from each class.

2017 SRC

Y6  Jake Lateo, Shaylee Bradbury, Jabyn Bright & Grace Emmett

Y5  Angus Brindley, Reef Helle, Charli Smith & Amelia Kennedy

Y4  Taj Lateo, Evan Pain, Macie Harper & Evie Clarkson

Y3  Ethan Alcorn, Austin Kirkup, Ruby Austin & Zoe Lawrence

House Captains

are elected by democratic vote. All Middle and Senior Primary students are permitted to vote for the House Captain.

Voting for House Captains is carried out in Term 4.

2017 House Captains

KOALAS  Riley John & Tyler Molony

KOOKABURRAS  Corban Lawler & Emma Evans

PLATYPUSES Ned O’Neill & Elli Steel

WOMBATS  Kai Brinsmead & Keeley Parker

BAND CAPTAINS Tomo Kawaida & Alice Edwards