This week with our Principal - Mr Taylor

Term 4 Week 9

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Yes - you read correctly. Evie of Banora Point PS has placed third in the 10 years 200m at the 2017 Pacific School Games in Adelaide on Monday. Third in any race or competition is a good result, but third in Australia is simply amazing. Evie and the NSW relay team competed in the relay coming away with the gold! Not only were they successful in getting the No. 1 podium finish but they have come away with a new record too. WOW! This is an extraordinary achievement and we are extremely proud of Evie at Banora Point PS. I have no doubt that Evie and her family are elated. Congratulations Evie. Congratulations to Evie’s family. This kind of achievement is rare indeed and we are excited for what will come in the years ahead. The sky is the limit Evie. Well done!


Last Tuesday, November 28th, BPPS students and staff presented Banora Rocks 2017. What an incredible evening. Congratulations go to all our bands, choirs, musicians, dancers and singers. It really was a fabulous evening and I was very proud to attend - both as a parent and as BPPS Principal. The items were polished and the applause from what must have been a 600 - 700 strong crowd was rapturous. What a great community evening. Thank you to all who came along as part of the audience. It was your presence that provided a real audience – kids respond differently when their learning is for a real audience. Thank you to our staff for all the planning and leading of practices and provision of feedback as our performers improved / readied their items for the night. Thank you to Ms Sampson for being our MC on the night, thank you to Ms Trew for leading and organising the whole event and to our marvellous P&C who cooked kilograms of sausages to feed the masses. I look forward to next year’s event. 


In recent times BPPS staff have been working overtime to ready classes for 2018. At this time BPPS anticipates 625 – 630 students K - 6 to commence the 2018 school year. These numbers are projected numbers only and cannot be confirmed until T1 2018 commences via a head count. Classes have been formed with staff collaborating within and across Stage Teams with a focus on balance across the classes for each grade / stage. In doing this staff have reviewed student academic performance, friendships, previous teachers and social and emotional development. At this time we are a little way off the 25th class. How is staffing calculated? All NSW DoE Public Schools are staffed in the same way and based on the following ‘average’ class sizes: Kindergarten – 20 Year One – 22 Year Two – 24 Years Three to Six - 30 With the numbers falling across the grades as they have done at BPPS for next year, the school is in a position to form 24 classes to commence 2018.

Presentation Day is Monday December 11th

Parents and friends of the school are reminded that Presentation Day is coming up on Monday December 11th. This is a very special day for our children and our whole school community. We will come together as a community to celebrate outstanding student achievement. We hope you can join us on the day:

Excursions Planning 2018 – 2022

Several weeks ago all parents, Yrs Two – Five (Yrs Three – Six 2018) were sent home a note requesting feedback about your family’s thinking regarding major excursions involving overnight stays over the coming years. It was hoped that all families would return the notes to class teachers so that the school would be able to gauge the community’s thoughts about what plans we should make for major overnight excursions over the next 3 - 4 years. Unfortunately, less than half of our families have returned these notes. The school will send home another note this week to those families who have not yet returned notes. These are due Friday December 15th. Notes will be retained in student record cards and lists of those who have and have not returned notes in this survey will also be retained in the office for reference.


School will operate business as usual right up until next Friday, December 15th which is the last day of Term Four 2017.

Several key events are on in Week 10: 

iOnTheFuture5 Teacher ‘Into The Deep’ Teacher Conference – Saturday August 25th 2018

Banora Point PS staff will join hundreds of other teachers as we host a major teacher education / professional learning event for 2018 called iOnTheFuture5 ‘Into The Deep.’ Four previous iOnTheFuture teacher conferences were here from 2013 - with the last held in August 2016 at North Turramurra PS. 700 teachers from 161 schools attended this event. Next year’s event will focus on ‘Deeper Learning’ and will feature live on stage some of the most significant educators in the world. We will focus on student ownership of and purpose for learning as the drivers of student engagement. 

If you are a teacher or have teachers in your family, please share this event with them. Further details can be found at .

Paul Taylor