This week with our Principal - Mr Taylor

Term 4 Week 7

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Thank you to all parents who use the BPPS drop off and pick up area successfully each day. A couple of reminders about collecting children in a car from school:

  • Please do not collet your child from the Bus Zone or Pedestrian Crossing in a motor vehicle. If you are planning to collect your child from school in a car, please join the queue from the western end of Pioneer Parade. The last car has usually left the school around 3.15pm;
  • Please do not park in the ‘Pick Up Zone’ or ‘Bus Parking Bay’ as designated below. This impedes the flow of traffic and causes inconvenience to many who are doing the right thing;
  • Please talk to your child about not approaching the vehicle until it has stopped – that is when the wheels have stopped turning. has been added to the footpath – students must remain behind (and will be directed to do so by staff) this line until the vehicle has stopped. Children are excited to see mum and dad after school, however, this is a safety issue and we need your help to manage this. Safety must always be our number one priority. If you are aware of others who consistently do not follow these guidelines and make it difficult for those who do, please contact our Principal Paul Taylor.


Please park safely around Banora Point PS. Things can get a bit hectic at the end of the year but please take the extra time to park safely, even if it means walking further to the gate. Concerns have been raised about road safety issues in Durigan Place, mainly regarding cars parking on the nature strip, forcing students to walk on the road. In Durigan Place, where there is no formal parking, remember to park parallel to the travel lane and not on the nature strip, because this can force children to walk on the road. Even if there is no footpath, you still need to leave plenty of space for children and other pedestrians to walk on the grass. Where possible, use the designated pick up and drop off zone in Pioneer Parade instead, as it has been designed with student’s safety in mind.


It is terrific to see students physically active and making their own way to school. Our school would like to see more of this. Students who choose to ride a scooter or a skateboard to school should be aware of RMS road rules. These can be found here: pedestrians/ skateboardsfootscootersandrollerblades/ index.html These rules articulate that students riding a scooter or a skateboard:

  • Must wear a helmet at all times;
  • Must not ride on a road wherever a footpath is available or the road is a divided road (including centreline, centre island);
  • Motorised scooters / skateboards can only be used on private property – not on footpaths or roads anywhere. For this reason motorised scooters / skateboards are banned from BPPS. If you are able to assist your child to understand these rules, whether or not your child rides to school or out of school, it will help keep them safe.


Last Wednesday, 180 Y3&4 students travelled with our staff to Camp Goodenough, just a little way up the valley from Bilambil. I was unable to attend overnight due to family commitments, however, I did visit the campers on Wednesday and Thursday evenings after school. When I arrived on the Wednesday evening a number of students were quite anxious regarding the stay overnight away from home. It took several students a considerable time to settle enough to go to bed. Our staff were magnificent here and settled the children in a calm and caring manner. The next day these same students – anxious and upset the night before – were now proud and excited. This experience had been a major turning point in their lives. They had done what they did not think they could. They had stayed away from home and everything was ok. Fantastic. When I arrived on the Thursday afternoon, the first group I found were on the crate stack. Immediately came the calls for the Principal to have a go. I looked down at my work attire – trousers, leather shoes and shirt and tie and said ‘Sure; I’d love to have a go!’ Mmmmmm. What an amazing activity – you build two parallel stacks of milk crates – each time adding another before climbing high and higher and ...... I got to eight high and thought ‘This is probably high enough,’ before I ‘accidentally’ fell over the side – saved by my harness and rope. Later that evening I was told that one of our students had reached 15 milk crates high! ‘FIFTEEN?!?!’ I said ‘WHAT?!?! I could not believe it. What did I learn from Camp Goodenough? As adults and parents and teachers, we can at times underestimate what our children are capable of. I never cease to be amazed by children and what they can do when they put their mind to it. Please see the collage of photos further in our newsletter. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our staff who attended Camp Goodenough. Without staff who are willing to organise and attend camp, it simply isn’t possible. Thank you all Stage Two and Ms Sampson for all the planning, the sleepless nights and the way you gave of yourselves to help our kids build rich lifelong memories.


You may have seen the raffle books come home with all students K - 6 who are eldest in the family. Please get behind this raffle. We hope to raise substantial funds. The P&C has kindly committed to donate the proceeds of the raffle to our school’s technology initiative which will see

  • A full rebuild of the school’s wifi network
  • Purchase of several hundred devices to enable 1:1 device student ration 3 - 6 and significant increase in access in K - 2 classrooms.

We believe our technology upgrades will see Banora Point PS students enjoying access to technology matched by few other schools, public or private anywhere. Tickets are $5 each and all families are ask to sell one book of five tickets each please. You might be able to offer the tickets to colleagues at work or the wider family or even others in the street. Thank you for your help. Special thanks to the Berger Family for their magnificent donation of the holiday.


Last Monday Karen Wicks attended the K - 6 Assembly to present the school with yet another $10,000 cheque. You may recall that the BPPS P&C donated $10,000 earlier in the year to support the replenishment of numeracy resources. This time around the BPPS P&C have donated a further $10,000 to our school to replenish our reading / home reader resources. This kind of support is magnificent and makes a huge difference to the opportunities our school can provide. Thank you to the P&C again. Your donations are making a difference in our classrooms every day.


BPPS is making plans for major overnight excursions moving forward. Overnight excursions enable extra special opportunities for our children to:

  • Experience a night away from home;
  • Build / establish new friendships;
  • Meet and conquer personal challenges; 
  • Share and contribute to others’ growth and
  • Consolidate curriculum content knowledge in a real world setting.

We are conscious that the costs of major overnight excursions are significant / very significant. We also know that the community value overnight excursions immensely, just as do our staff at Banora Point PS. With this in mind we are seeking parent feedback to help us develop the best plan moving forward. I will write to all parents Y2 - 5 (3 - 6 2018) this week seeking direct feedback about three options of how we will plan for overnight excursions in Stage Two and Stage Three in the coming years. Parents will be asked to circle their preferred excursion plan and write their child’s name, class and grade 2017 at the bottom of the page. Information returned by individual families will be kept confidential. We will share the overall results and file the returned slips in student record files for reference.

Paul Taylor