This week with our Principal - Mr Taylor

Term 3 Week 9

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


What a wonderful day it was. So many happy faces. Fantastic! I would like to acknowledge our students for their exemplary behaviour on the day. Though there were a few overly excited children in the playground before school, the manners and behaviour on display throughout the day was outstanding. When I spoke with ride operators and parent volunteers, every single one of them, every single time wanted to compliment our students’ manners on the day. Well done to all boys and girls. Manners don’t cost anything, but help the world go around. Special thanks must go to our wonderful P&C led by Mrs Karen Wicks. You have given your time to ensure that the day was the success it was – lots of fun for our children and substantial funds raised for the benefit of the school. Special thanks also to Mrs Henderson for taking the lead role in the school in making the event happen. We appreciate you giving so much of your time. 


Whenever an individual or a team makes the final four in any competition you have done well – very well. But to make the final four in a state wide competition is AMAZING. There are around 1800 public primary schools in NSW and Banora Point made the top four. Wow! Last week our tremendous AFL girls and boys travelled to Sydney to compete in the AFL State Carnival – a competition for the TOP FOUR public primary schools in NSW. The team played Deniliquin South Public School first up and were narrowly beaten by 3 points after leading for most of the 2nd half. Deniliquin South PS went through to the final where they went on to win the competition. Banora Point played off against Kings Langley Public School, scoring a win and placing third overall. On another day our BPPS boys and girls may have been champions. Very close indeed. I hope you always remember this magnificent achievement. Congratulations to all involved. Well done – our whole school is very proud of each and every one of you. I would like to pass on a huge vote of thanks to our wonderful parents for making the trip to Sydney and for working together to make it happen. Thank you also to Mrs Dance - Wilson for organising the team and working closely together with coach Darren Boucher. Thank you for all you have done to assist our team to achieve in 2017.



All schools in NSW are presently planning for 2018. In preparation for 2018, schools need to be very sure of student enrolment numbers as it is the number of students enrolled in each grade that determines the number of staff allocated to each NSW Public School. This means that it really does help to know of new enrolments and those families looking to move away before the following year. All families K - 5 are asked to complete a short google form (online survey – 3 clicks) to assist in this process. We ask that families complete this survey in Wks 9 and 10 of Term Three (this week and next week). You will be asked to enter your child’s name, select the grade, select the class and select Yes or No to the statement ‘will be returning to Banora Point PS in 2018’. This form will be sent to all families by School Stream this week – with a clickable link. Should you wish to complete the task now please go to the URL below. As this newsletter is a pdf document, a clickable link cannot be included. We would appreciate all families assisting with this task having the form done by next week – the final week of term. Those families who have not completed the form by next week will be contacted by telephone.


As times change, so do schools. With the world now heavily dependent on electronic communication, our school is reviewing communications moving forward. We want to improve the flow of communication for families both to and from school. With this in mind BPPS will rebuild the school website and School Stream app over the coming weeks to be fully integrated across website and app and also to be more user friendly. We intend to roll out the following features (in addition to those currently available) for your convenience:

Further details will be communicated as things progress. Should you have any suggestions, please let us know via the office.


There is a lot of talk around at the moment about education and how we can prepare our students for the future. One of the biggest factors in building success in life and (firstly) at school is personal motivation / engagement. The more we bring of ourselves to a task, the more successful we will be. One of the world’s great thinkers Daniel Pink wrote a book in 2009 about this subject. The book ‘Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us’ was an enormous hit – with record sales globally. In this book Dan Pink outlines three areas that drive motivation:

Moving forward at Banora Point PS, we look forward to working together with you as we seek to refine and improve explicit feedback / instruction AND design learning that drives opportunity for students to be more self - directed, more eager to master skills and knowledge and more determined and committed to improve and complete tasks (that matter) than ever before. You may be interested to watch the 11 minute TED talk from Dan Pink on the same topic. This video has been viewed 16 million times.

Paul Taylor