This week with our Principal - Mr Taylor

Term 3 Week 7

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


This Friday September 1st is Carnivale. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement building among our students as they look forward to the big day. Thank you to our marvellous P&C parents and friends who have teamed together to make Friday happen. We know it will be a fantastic day.


Congratulations to all of our students who entered the Public Speaking Competition at Banora Point PS in recent weeks. Special congratulations to those of you who were selected to compete in the finals held for Stages 1, 2 and 3 in the hall last week. I was fortunate to witness several sessions of the finals across different stages and was very impressed. I saw young minds doing things I most certainly was not doing at the same age. I saw students as young as 7 and 8 confidently engaging large audiences, sharing thoughts and ideas and opinions. Confident people have a strong sense of self belief and think ‘ I can do it! ’ All speakers I saw throughout the week definitely showed not only can they can do it, but that they can do it well. However, there can only be one winner in any competition – well done to our winners across each stage:

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Those students who were not noted as award recipients need not think that they are not winners too. Anyone who works to improve over time is a winner. I’ve no doubt that every single person in the competition is now better at public speaking than they were a month ago. This is because learners with a purpose listen to feedback and use it to refine their work; their product over time. I believe that when children have a ‘ public exhibition ’ of learning, such as a public performance or display, they have an added extra sense of motivation to grow and improve. Motivation to learn (purpose) to grow is a VERY powerful driver. Those who are ‘ heard ’ in life will be those who contribute and those who can make a valuable contribution are doers and helpers. Doers and helpers are successful in life because they make a valuable contribution to others ’ lives. Well done one and all. A fantastic event; thank you to our mums and dads and friends and grandparents who also took time out to join us. Your presence at each of the events throughout the week added a sense of occasion and made it ‘ real. ’


As we move into the last weeks of T3, our school will start looking very closely at student numbers for 2018. These numbers will form the basis of class structures for next year. At this stage we have 75+ Kindergarten students listed for 2018; around the same as this time last year. This means our school is likely to have four (small) Kindergarten classes of about 19 - 20 once more. Please contact the school if you know of any families who are yet to put their children ’ s names down or who are yet to decide on a placement for their child for Kinder 2018.


Below are the standardised scores for BPPS and the state for each area of NAPLAN 2017. Also included are the details for top two band performance for BPPS and the state. The results are promising; showing strengthening Reading and Numeracy performance in both Y3 and Y5.

Year Three 2017

Year Five 2017

‘ Plugged - In2 - TOMORROW ’

Thank you to those parents who joined us last Tuesday evening for the ‘ Plugged - In2 - TOMORROW ’ event attended by around 220 teachers from more than 20 local public and private schools. Mr Michael Priddis delivered a keynote address ‘ Man, Machine and the Future of Work ’ in which he outlined how accelerating technologies will disrupt and transform the workplace over the coming years. This information was both confronting and exciting for me as a parent and an educator. Mr Kevin Honeycutt then followed Michael with an address designed to inspire schools and teachers to adjust and adapt to meet this changing world and to be brave enough to make the changes needed. High level professional learning. Thank you to all BPPS staff who all joined as a team to make the event possible; organising registration, decorating the hall, arranging tea and coffee, communication with attendees, etc. Special Thanks must also go to our student leaders who gave up their own time to welcome visitors to the event – after school. Your presence and smiles really helped to set off the right tone for the afternoon. Thank you Taj B, Lilika Y, Isaac C, Layla H, Jake L, Shaylee B, Jabyn B, Grace E, Angus B, Reef H, Charli S, Amelia K, Taj L, Evan P, Macie H, Evie C, Ethan A, Austin K, Ruby A, Zoe L, Riley J, Tyler M, Corban L, Emma E, Ned O, Elli S, Kai B, Keeley P, Tomo K, Alice E.

K/1/2 ATHLETICS CARNIVAL 'Save the date' Friday 8th September 2017. Track events - Age races from 9.15 to 10.15, followed by Field events (Tabloid format) from 10.15 to 1.00. Canteen and coffee van available. Parents and carers all welcome. 


I would like to share correspondence from Mrs Toni Formby, Deputy Principal of Terrigal Primary School. She wrote; Dear Mr Taylor and Mrs Dance - Wilson, I just wanted to thank you both on behalf of our team, parents and staff for the assistance given to us when playing your team in the final 8 game of the AFL. Thank you so much to Mrs Dance - Wilson for organising us a gazebo and the bus to and from the airport. This made thins so much easier for us. We really appreciated the bus and the gazebo. Your spectators were well behaved and supported their team well. It was an entertaining game to watch and we wish you all the best for the final. Best wishes for success in you next game. Kind regards and thanks, Toni Our school always welcomes pleasing feedback from our wider community. Well done BPPS. Congratulations to our superb AFL boys and girls. We are very proud of you all and wish you our best of luck for Monday at the State Carnival. You are two games away from being State Champions.

Paul Taylor