This week with our Principal - Mr Taylor

Term 3 Week 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


You may have seen the ABC TV program ‘The AI Race’ last week. The program highlighted the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in recent years and the likelihood of technology advancement replacing both blue collar and white collar jobs in the coming 10-15 years. Unfortunately this is not science fiction. It is estimated that 40% of current jobs will be automated in the coming two decades while 73% will be ‘seriously disrupted.’ If you missed the program, you might be fortunate enough to still see it on ABC iView. This is compulsory viewing for all parents and all educators.


Banora Point PS will host the event ‘Plugged-in2-TOMORROW’ from 4-6pm on Tuesday August 22nd. At the time of publication more than 180 educators have registered to attend. A flyer went out to all parents at BPPS today – with advice that parents of our school can attend free. Just bring your flyer as your ticket. The event will feature two truly world class speakers; Mr Michael Priddis CEO Faethm and Mr Kevin Honeycutt global education leader from Kansas.@michaelpriddis is recognised as Australia’s leading mind in corporate arena on the topic of ‘the future of work.’ Mike heads up; one of Australia’s leading innovation firms as CEO - creating economic and social value from emerging technologies such as AI and Robotics. Mike was formerly Partner and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) Digital Ventures for the Asia / Pacific Region & led the Data61 / CSIRO research project ‘Tomorrow’s Digitally enabled Workforce.’ Mr Michael Priddis Mr Kevin Honeycutt @kevinhoneycutt is a global education leader from Kansas. Kevin works with schools all over the world to develop engaging, innovative, personalised & tech fuelled learning to enable students to be valuable contributors for the rest of their lives, whatever world they may face. Kevin asks the question how do we learn to love to learn? As parents we must pay attention to the digital / AI revolution underway. The ramifications of technological explosion and the subsequent automation of work will impact our children as they ready to join the workforce in the 2030s. We must do all we can today so that we may be informed as the changes occur. Those who can critically think, create, collaborate and communicate will be those who flourish in this new tomorrow. We need all BPPS parents to engage with us to ponder the future and share in the plans we will make for our children’s futures as we begin school wide evaluation and planning to form the 2018-2020 school plan. Please come along! PLUGGED-IN2-TOMORROW’ 4-6PM TUESDAY 22ND AUGUST AT BPPS HALL.


Last Thursday Banora Point Public School was selected as one of 4 schools in NSW to be inspected for a ‘Strand A’ NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) ‘random inspection.’ Strand A is focused on whole school compliance around Child Protection policy and procedure including management of Working With Children Checks. We also were inspected for ‘complaints handling’ management and process. With just 4 days’ notice and the inspection happening in the middle of Education Week, it was a big week indeed. The school served up a formidable evidence base for the inspectors and has been advised that we passed with flying colours. Around 16 schools in NSW have also been selected for ‘Strand B’ which involves inspection of curriculum implementation; scope and sequence, teaching and learning programs and student work samples.

Special Congratulations!

P. Taylor