This week with our Relieving Principal - Joanna Henderson

Term 1 Week 9

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


This week I visited the Stage 1 classrooms where I saw students engaged in guided reading activities with their new guided reading and writing tables. Teachers are able to work intensively with small groups and interact, give feedback and work more closely with the participants in their group. Tyler and Izaac C from KA came to share their Mrs Wishy Washy Story. They were entertaining and confident in their retell of the story. Tyson from 1C came and shared his outstanding writing with me this week. His story was creative and sustained and it was wonderful to see him glow with pride when showcasing his work.

SDD Variation School Development Days

Usually occur at the beginning of a term and the end of the year. Next term, BPPS’s School Development Day for Term 2 has been moved to Friday 30 June, the last day of Term 2. The change has been made so that the school can work collaboratively with several other schools in our local area and has been approved by the Director. Students will resume on Monday 24 April for commencement of Term 2. If you would like to clarify any of these details, please refer to the important dates section on the left of our newsletter or contact the school office.


This week we launched our Banora Point Primary School Facebook page. This will add another way for us to effectively communicate with our school community. In our first 24 hours we attracted 75 likes. If you are a Facebook user, please ‘like’ our Banora Point Primary School page for reminders and information on school events and activities.


At the end of last year, our school was identified along with 137 other schools in NSW as a ‘Bump It Up’ school. This means that we have a high representation of students that sit within the middle bands in our NAPLAN results. The ‘Bump It Up’ strategy has been implemented to achieve the Premier’s target of increased representation (8%) in the higher bands of NAPLAN by 2019. Our staff has been identifying strategies and pedagogy that enhances our quality teaching and learning programs and ensured further improvement in Reading and Numeracy. This week, students will be participating in an online assessment in class time as part of this strategy. More information will be provided to parents throughout the 2017 - 2019 period.


As outlined in last fortnight’s newsletter, our students will be taking part in the Tell Them From Me Student Survey again this year. The survey will provide us with valuable information on what our students think about school life, how engaged they are at school and different ways that teachers interact with them. Participating in the survey is completely voluntary. If you would like your child to not take part in this survey, please let your child’s class teacher know.


Families wishing to apply for free school travel can do so online at - students. Minimum distances apply Years K - 2 no minimum distance and Yrs 3 - 6 1.6km straight line distance or 2.3km walking. Rural and Regional School Travel pamphlets are available from the school office or for more information call 131 500.


Our P&C launched a new fundraising activity for our students this term with a Harmony Day ‘Food Experience’ yesterday. Thank you to all the people who contributed to the day and to Amy Kirkup for her coordination of the event. If you are able to assist our P&C next week for an hour or so at our BBQ at the school disco on Tuesday 28 March between 4:00 - 7:00pm, please contact Karen on 0412 137 614. We need volunteers for these events to go ahead and most parents and teachers enjoy having a chat over some sizzling sausages.

Joanna Henderson

Acting Principal