This week with our Principal Mr Files

Term 1 Week 1

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome back to all existing and new families and staff.

We begin the 2016 school year with 625 students and 24 classes including several new teaching staff Mrs Rebecca Mander and Mr Tim Chalmers and the returning Ms Elana Sampson and Mrs Karen Regan. We also have 90 new students – 80 of them Kindergarten who will begin next week. We enjoyed a very smooth beginning to our school year today thanks to the great efforts of our staff at the end of last year and the days leading up to today. We expect that 2016 will be another productive and prosperous year for all. We plan to build upon the excellent reputation our school holds within the wider community – including launching and sustaining several new initiatives and programs. The involvement of our parents in our school remains a key aspect of our school and we will be seeking advice from families in the near future to identify areas where you may be interested in assisting. Our first P&C meeting of the year will also be held on Thursday 11th February at 6.30pm. Included in today’s newsletter is important information for all families in respect of routines and procedures at our school. Next week you will receive General Consent Note and Information update to be returned as soon as possible to the school office. Thanks to all families for ensuring the students arrived in full uniform and ready for lessons yesterday – it was wonderful to see them all. After checking the attendance we were able to announce all classes and begin our year by mid - morning (see class allocations following). Many families may have seen coverage in the media in recent times regarding the issue of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the associated costs to families. As outlined in the letter sent to all families in December we have decided not to institute BYOD policy at our school but have instead decided to fund the purchase of ipads and lap tops for use in the classroom by all students using a combination of “Gonski” funds (Commonwealth funded equity loadings to schools) and parent contributions. We believe this facilitates fair and equitable access to technology devices for the benefit of all students. The Class Resource & IT Levy contribution of $100 per student incorporates “book pack” levy, technology levy and the previous voluntary levy. It would be greatly appreciated if this contribution could be paid as soon as possible so that our purchases of new technology equipment can be finalised.

Term 1 Calendar

One of the early events on our term 1 calendar (attached) is our annual after - school swimming carnival for students 8 years and above will be held next Wednesday 3 rd February from 5.30pm. This is for students who can competently swim 50m. Our representatives will also be selected for the district carnival on 17 th February. Other important early dates for parents to note are the parent information nights in weeks 3 & 4 at 5.30pm – there is no more important meeting for you to attend this year than these info sessions when we outline key aspects of the year ahead – hope to see you there.

Weekly School Assembly

Parents should also note that our weekly school assembly has changed from Monday morning to Monday afternoon at 1.45pm. This is designed to minimise interruptions to the important morning lessons. Principal awards will continue to be advised a fortnight in advance in the fortnightly newsletters.

School Stream

Our main form of communication other than our newsletter and website is our free SchoolStream app – see following for details on how to obtain this app.

Coming Soon: Canteen online ordering

Ground Improvements

Over the holidays our fixed equipment cover was completed, a new area for young students to play basketball built and additional facilities installed in our “Adventure Playground”.

2016 Staffing

Kindergarten Team:

4 classes Relieving Assistant Principal & team leader Mrs Germany, (KG), Ms Hardy (KH), Mrs Hackett (KA) and Mrs O’Donohue (KO).

Stage 1 Team:

8 classes Assistant Principal & team leader Mrs Crawford (1C), Miss Smith (2JN), Mr McRae (1T), Mrs Clarkson / Mrs Maloney (1M), Mrs Smith (2JC), Mrs Fletcher (1F), Mrs Mander & Mrs Morgan (2M), Mrs Nix (2N).

Stage 2 Team:

7 classes Assistant Principal & team leader Mrs Dance - Wilson (3/4 DW), Mrs R. McArthur (3/4M), Mrs Trish Stewart (3/4S), Mrs Dunn (3/4 D), Mrs Winfield (3/4V), Mrs Jenkins & Ms Elvy in Term 1(3/4J), Mr Wilkinson (3/4W).

Stage 3 Team:

5 classes Assistant Principal & team leader Ms Sampson & Mrs Jarrett (5/6S), Mrs Cargill (5C), Mrs Wilson (6W), Mr Chalmers (5/6T), Mrs Regan (5R).

School Counsellor: Mrs Parker

Teacher Librarian & Specialist Stage 3 teacher: Mrs Gill

Learning Support and Specialist support teacher: Assistant Principal & team leader Ms Trew, Ms McGrady and Mrs Corby

Specialist Band teacher: Mary Seckold

Reading Recovery teachers: Mrs Clarkson and Mrs Maloney.

Deputy Principal: Mrs Henderson

Principal: Mr Files

Office administration staff: Mrs Jen Jardine (Office Manager) and school admin officers Mrs Wendy Brindley, Mrs Kerry King, Mrs Noela Pretty (library).

General Assistant: Jock Stoddart & Ryan Stoddart (Fridays)

Temporary School Learning Support Officer: Michelle Boucher, Ann Stacey, Mel See, Michelle Cleaver, Cindy Pinkerton, Glenda Bortoli, Belinda Way, Anna Travers - Jones.

IT Support Technician: Blake Hoskinson

Cleaners: Louise Stoddart, Russell Irwin

P&C Uniform Shop Co-ordinator: Sandy Oswald

P&C Canteen Coordinator: Cathy Barrington - Smith

Dean Files