This week with our Relieving Principal - Joanna Henderson

Term 1 Week 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


All students who represented our school at the district swimming carnival last week and those who were selected to compete in this Friday’s zone carnival. Banora Point Primary School were the overall winners of the carnival and applaud the students for their outstanding behaviour and their achievements. Congratulations also to Mrs Gill who was the convener of the district carnival.


Kindergarten parents are invited to a Literacy and Numeracy Session on Tuesday 7 March at 8:45 - 9:15am. This session is designed to support parents in their children’s learning and strengthen the link between home and school.


Due to ongoing maintenance of our Drop Off Zone, for the remainder of this week, students will assemble on the oval near the double gate to be collected for Drop Off procedures of an afternoon. There will be no change to the operation of Drop Off for parents. A reminder to be mindful and courteous of our neighbours when using our Drop Off . Please abide by the road rules and please do not park across driveways as this can be disruptive for people living near our school.


Scripture for our students commenced on Tuesday 21st February. At Banora Point Primary School the approved Special Religious Education programs provided are Catholic, Combined and non - scripture. Students will continue in the same arrangement each year, unless a parent/carer has requested a change in writing. A note to the principal will affect this change.


Nomination forms for all executive positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and the fundraising coordinator position, nominations forms are available at the front office. Interested parents are encouraged to speak with current President Michelle O’Neill or the Principal if you wish to clarify the roles.


Do you have the free Schoolstream app? Each Sunday night a reminder message about the events of the coming week are sent via SchoolStream.


Money for the ICAS competitions is due Monday 27 March. These competitions are voluntary and open to students Years 2 - 6. Please see the separate note distributed earlier this term or see Mrs Henderson for more information.

Joanna Henderson

Relieving Principal


This week with our Relieving Principal - Joanna Henderson

Term 1 Week 3

Dear Parent/Caregiver


Our student leadership group who were inducted at this week’s school assembly. All students who participated in the school swimming carnival organised by Mrs Gill last week and best wishes to our representatives at the district carnival at Banora Pool next Wednesday 15th February.

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This week with our Relieving Principal - Joanna Henderson

Term 1 Week 1

Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to all students and welcome to our new families who this year will be joining our wonderful school. We begin the 2017 school year with 630 students and 25 classes including several new teaching staff Miss Emily Darragh and Ms Theresa Davern. We also have 100 new students – 80 of them Kindergarten. We enjoyed a very smooth beginning to our school year, thanks to the great efforts of our staff at the end of last year and the days leading up to today. We expect that 2017 will be another productive and prosperous year for all. We plan to build upon the excellent reputation our school holds within the wider community – including launching and sustaining several new initiatives and programs. The involvement of our parents in our school remains a key aspect of our school and we will be seeking advice from families in the near future to identify areas where you may be interested in assisting. Our first P&C meeting of the year will also be held on Thursday 9 th February at 6.30pm. Included in today’s newsletter is important information for all families in respect of routines and procedures at our school. Next week you will receive General Consent Note and Information update to be returned as soon as possible to the school office. Thanks to all families for ensuring the students arrived in full uniform and ready for lessons this week – it was wonderful to see them all. The Class Resource & IT Levy contribution of $100 per student incorporates “book pack” levy, technology levy and the previous voluntary levy. It would be greatly appreciated if this contribution could be paid as soon as possible.This week we formed classes for 2017. Our staff has spent a significant amount of time in placing students in particular classes and have done so with great consideration and thought. We are confident this is the best make - up for our school organisation. Making up classes is a complex and difficult task when taking into account academic levels, student specific needs, behaviour considerations and student relationships. We are hoping to maintain this class structure; however should there be an increase in enrolments throughout the term, the class arrangement may have to be adjusted. Current class arrangements for 2017 are as follows.

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